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Sep 17, 2009
To FB or not to FB, that is the question.

I almost hate to say it—no, wait, I DO hate to say it—but the automagical linking setup over on Facebook means I'm a lot more likely to post stuff there. Then I feel guilty for neglecting the blog, so I post it here. Then I feel sorry for those who follow both the blog and FB and got a double whammy. What to do?

I recommend you check out The AntiCraft's Facebook page. Most of my short "Hey look at this!" stuff will be there. News will continue to be posted in both places. Not all the staff is on FB, so the blog will remain a place they can share stuff. Sound fair?

Edited to add: Btw, if you are wondering what you're missing on the FB page, here are some recent links:

Artist Crissy Conant

For Strange Women

I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script

Rugged Femininity Work Corset

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