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Jan 19, 2010
Holy Lumps of Forethought, Batman!

Here is why you should love my friend Janis: She is The AntiCraft's Ravelry editor, which means that I can avoid the huge timesuck that is Ravelry (don't get me wrong, I love it, but I could spend waaaaay too many hours there just in my own notebook), yet all knitting and crochet patterns that pass through HQ's hallowed halls still make it onto Rav's hallowed pages. (Don't know what Ravelry is? Where have you been, under a rock? Short answer: it's crack for fiber artists.)

Also, sometimes Janis has forethought, which is very helpful because mine is often on the fritz. Other times, she simply reads The AntiCraft group's board and reports back when others have forethought. Thank you, Rogue, for reminding us about the Ravelympics! Without your forethought and Janis' dedication, there was a 99.9% chance that once again, Team Angstylvania would be "unofficial" and we'd have to all stand around embarrassed, pretending we did it on purpose because we are just that cool. (Obviously, we're not.)

So, to make a long post short—better late than never, I suppose—I'm pleased to announce that Team Angstylvania is officially part of the 2010 Ravelympics. Whether or not we bother to participate after signing up is kind of a coin toss, but if you do want to participate, check out the Ravelmpics thread. Earwax, ho!

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