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Sep 21, 2009
Mmmmm... Just MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.


You will be.

Check out this fabulous recipe for chai tea syrup. I don't know if I love it for the deliciousness and the potential warm spicy smell saturating my home, or if I love it for the way Lucy wrote it.

I think if I get any more inspired, the size of my recipe box is going to become an issue in a very short time. Recipe *binder* may be the way to go.

Presentation truly is everything. Imma have to print this out on really lovely paper and frame it to hang in my kitchen. You know. For easy reference and all that.

You're welcome.

mouth watering in antici----


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Sep 1, 2009

It's September 1, and that means you have only 18 days to brush up on your Pirate for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. HERE'S A LINK to the ITLaPD website which will, if not provide you with seamless fluency, prime your linguistic pump.

In honor of this momentous annual occasion, I was going to post a whole bunch of links to knitting on a pirate theme, but Stephanie Pearl McPhee beat me to it. THREE YEARS AGO. So HERE'S A LINK to her blog entry, as she put up everything I would have (honestly -- most of it was in my mind to find before I found her site!).

The one I want to especially highlight is HelloYarn's Pirate Mittens, not linked on YarnHarlot's site, but they match the hat pattern called "We Call Them Pirates", which is. I made those for my husband last year after he discovered that you can change your language on Facebook to "English, Pirate", and left his account set that way from the beginning of September until his birthday in late FebruARRRRy. They were easy and quick to knit, and he was so proud of them. If you have any desire to knit a sweater for your significant other, I'd strongly recommend these mittens instead, so as to avoid the Curse. You know what I mean.

So: is anyone having pirate parties? NOW is the time to plan them!! SeptembAARRR 19 falls on a SatAARRRday, aftARR all! Plus, it's a perfect excuse to get wicked sloshed on rum drinks, and who doesn't enjoy that? (Please don't answer if you don't. Unless you're answering with an alternate potent suggestion.)

Which is a really good segue into an important reminder.

The Samhain issue submission deadline is fast approaching. Our topic this issue is things to do with alcohol. So if you feel pARRticulARRly inspired by International Talk Like a Pirate Day and create your own recipe for grog (or really anything to do with alcohol), we'd love to receive your submission!!

Article and project submissions should be received at by September 6. CLICK HERE for a reminder of submission guidelines.

swashing my buckles and yo-ing my hos,



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