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Feb 9, 2010
It smells like...a SONG!

If you love Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you'll laugh your ass off at Wolverine, The Musical! Stay tuned after the credits roll for the url to directions for making his awesome claws, so you, too, can slice the wings off of a bee.

How did I get these mutton chops?


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posted by Carin Huber at 12:01 AM | permalink |  5 Comments
Feb 2, 2010

Hi, howdy, how y'all doin'?

What's that? Who the hell am I? Well, I don't blame you for not recognizing me here anymore, it's been that long since I posted. Since anyone other than Zabet posted here, for that matter.

But I've found something fabulous, that you must go look at, right this minute!

That, my friends, is the comet detail of an appliqued and embroidered quilt of the solar system. It was made by Ellen Harding Baker in 1876 for use as a visual aid in the astronomy lectures she gave. (That's not a typo - it's 133 years old.) The quilt is on display at the Smithsonian. If you have the chance. go see it in person, and let me know to what works it inspires you!


P.S. Happy Imbolc! :)

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posted by Carin Huber at 12:02 AM | permalink |  2 Comments
Aug 25, 2009
Not a Perfect Metaphor

Pfoinkle, over at, has a Phd. in Horribleness. And Cake.

And, what's more, she gives tutorials on how to make them.

I need fondant goggles.


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posted by Carin Huber at 12:01 AM | permalink |  0 Comments
Aug 4, 2009
In Which Wendy is Prepared

From the delightful Wondermark:

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posted by Carin Huber at 12:01 AM | permalink |  0 Comments
Jun 9, 2009
You don't really need your umbrella

But it will feel like you do:

And, no, they don't have a drummer. That's all voice and "beat box."

The group's name is Perpetuum Jazzile, and you can find more of their work (in their native Slovene) on You Tube.

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posted by Carin Huber at 12:03 AM | permalink |  5 Comments
May 21, 2009
Golden Inspiration

When we started planning the upcoming embroidery issue of the AntiCraft, I took advantage of my ties to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and signed up for the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild email list. Through the Needleworkers Guild I met Chris Laning (aka Dame Christian de Holacombe), with whom I am collaborating on a project for your enjoyment. We hope you'll like it!

The other day, a link came through the email list from Maitress Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon, of the kingdom of Aethelmearc (West Virginia and western Pensylvania and New York), sharing a project that that she had recently completed in the "or nue" technique. It's simply amazing:

click picture to see progress photos of this project

(It can be dificult to capture the depth of metallic gold in a photograph. One of the progress pictures on Yvianne's web page shows it really well.)

Or nue is done by laying gold thread on the surface of the fabric, then stitching over it with various colors of thread to add color and shading to the image. It's a very time consuming method, but I think the results are well worth the time!

You see, embroidery can be so much more than flowers and bluebirds outlined on the hem of your grandmother's pillowcases. It can be deep and rich, as well. Couldn't you use a little richness stitched into your life?


(I know, two posts in as many days. Who'da thunk it?)

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posted by Carin Huber at 11:47 AM | permalink |  0 Comments
May 20, 2009
Speaking of AC t-shirts

C'mon, you know you want one.

If you're going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area the weekend of May 30 and 31, you should come to the Maker Faire, at the San Mateo County Expo Center. And drag your friends of opposite gender along, too. One building has more handcrafty stuff, and the other building has more handbuildy stuff, so there's cool stuff for everyone to check out.

I'll be wandering around there, with a friend with a video camera in tow, probably on the 31st. I'll be wearing my AC shirt and carrying a swag bag, so look for me. If you bring a Sharpie with you, I'll even autograph body parts. ;D

See you at the Faire!


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posted by Carin Huber at 4:20 PM | permalink |  0 Comments
Apr 7, 2009
Where does science meet art?

On the knitting spool!

Fluid Sculpture from Charlie Bucket on Vimeo.


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posted by Carin Huber at 12:01 AM | permalink |  5 Comments
Mar 17, 2009
Out of the House of Figs

Bethany James Leigh Shady is the sweetie of Jorge Garcia. Also, she writes stories and poems to warm the dusty cockles of an Angstylvanian's withered heart.

"I had never met children more boring than those at my new school. They were the type of lot entertained by monkeys on tricycles and the flatulence of their peers. I was made fun of for reading outside of assigned schoolwork and for always wearing black. They used to call me Hazy Hazel, or Witch Hazel. Who could have known they would later be so apt in their name-calling?"

Read it here.

Whether she knows it or not, she is one of us. :)


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posted by Carin Huber at 12:01 AM | permalink |  0 Comments
Mar 12, 2009
Not for the guys.

"Jantalaimon" is "putting the rope back in proper," and putting her menstrual cup back in Cthulu.

See it here.


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posted by Carin Huber at 11:52 AM | permalink |  1 Comments
Mar 3, 2009
Salisbury is Anything But Plain

At Clonehenge, Nancy Wisser is on a mission to document occurrences of Stonehenge replication. Instances she has noted range from the absurd to the sublime, with stops along the way for the hauntingly familiar. It's fascinating how fascinated the world is with Stonehenge!


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posted by Carin Huber at 5:22 PM | permalink |  3 Comments
Feb 12, 2009
Set Boobies to "Stun"

I wonder if it worries her to be wearing red?


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posted by Carin Huber at 4:20 PM | permalink |  0 Comments
Feb 5, 2009
Painful to Hear

This isn't a craft related post. It's about something that happened a long time ago in America, something that sometimes still happens, in a million different ways, both subtle and not-so-subtle. Something that even you may have done without realizing it at the time. I know I have, and I am sorry for it.

It was told on NPR. I'll wait while you listen.

This particular story is about racism. The bigger picture, though, is about discrimmination in all it's forms. It's about Adolph Hitler and Anne Frank. The KKK and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pastor Fred Phelps and Matthew Shepard. And it's about each of us, and everyone around us.

It is the nature of Angstylvanians to be different, a little left of everyone elses' center, and we occasionally get flak for it from people who don't understand. Often they don't even know they're doing it, but we are stung, nonetheless. Try to remember that when someone responds negatively to something you've done or said. Take a moment to think about what you did, and if you don't see what was wrong with it, ask, humbly, for an explanation. Try not to come off as sarcastic, rather as someone who is truly trying to understand. It will go a long way toward healing the pain.



posted by Carin Huber at 5:11 PM | permalink |  1 Comments
Jan 20, 2009
Just when you thought we were done with bacon

Tee & Cakes serves up chocolate bacon cupcakes on Saturday mornings, and it's getting them noticed!

Now, that's living high on the hog!

P.S. Congratulations, Mr. President! Happy Inauguration Day!


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posted by Carin Huber at 2:09 AM | permalink |  3 Comments

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