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Aug 24, 2009
Happy Birthday, Mr. X Stitch!

This Thursday, August 27, Mr. X Stitch is celebrating the site's first birthday with big news and a big giveaway:
"First of all we will be launching a new range of cross stitch and embroidery patterns from some of the newest embroidery talents out there. When you find out who they are, you're going to want them!

We're also announcing a new roster of guest posters, who will be bringing you more views from the wonderful world of stitching.

And finally, the information you've all been waiting for…we're having a giveaway!

Yes indeed, you will have the chance to win one of the following:

* A gift pack from the awesome Subversive Cross stitch!
* One of Emily Peacock's fabulous needlepoint kits!
* A free sampler of your choice from Miso Funky!
* A copy of Manga Cross Stitch, courtesy of Ilex Books!
* An original Beefranck stitchery!
* And a piece of work from some wiseacre called Mr X Stitch.

We've also got a special prize of a batch of light effects threads that will end up with whoever makes us laugh the most over the course of the week. Can't be bad!"

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Jul 14, 2009

I'm getting bad at blogging. Facebook's short status updates have spoiled me, leaving my deep-thinking and pontificating muscles unused and beginning to atrophy.

Puerto Rico was fabulous, and I swear if something could be done about the heat and humidity, I'd move there in a heartbeat. While I didn't get to meet up with any AntiCrafters, I was somehow outed to my day job teammates (we were there giving a workshop) as being Strange Craft Girl during my off hours. These are stiff, academic types, but they took it reasonably well, in a "we knew you were weird, we just didn't know HOW weird" sort of way.

In crafting news, one of my favorite cross stitchers, Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch, just did an interview with my new embroidery heartthrob, Jamie Chalmers of Mr. X Stitch, for Craft. My only regret is that there is not more Bee! Go read it now and leave loving comments for both the subject and the author, for they are both faboo and deserve our cookies.

In other crafting news, Shannon Okey (aka Knitgrrl aka the woman who does not ever ever ever stop working) is opening up Knitgrrl Studio in Lakewood, OH (near Cleveland). She of course had her big to-do this Saturday and I completely failed to tell you all ahead of time. (Sorry!) But if you're in the area, check it out! (Knitgrrl Studio website, Knitgrrl Studio FB page)

And for your AntiCrafting pleasure, proof that there might be such a thing as "too much juxtaposition" (and you know how I loves me some juxtaposition!): Hairy Spoon Rest and Toenail Clipping Spoon Rest. (From Craftster via Craftastrope.)

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posted by Zabet at 2:38 PM | permalink |  2 Comments
Jun 20, 2009
Love is Sticky

Hey Deadlings,

I know this vid is pretty saccharine, but it's proof that even something like a Post-It can be art.


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posted by Anthony at 6:30 PM | permalink |  0 Comments
Jun 6, 2009
Dear God what is that THING?

Hey Deadlings,

If you've ever wanted an odd conversation piece for your desk, today is your lucky day!

Thing in a Jar

Go on, you know you want to make one.


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posted by Anthony at 4:55 PM | permalink |  2 Comments
May 15, 2009
I have been remiss about some stitches

I've been meaning to point out Mr. X Stitch since the beginning of the month, but have had blog fail. Time to rectify, especially since they were nice enough to plug the current contest and upcoming issue for us!

Mr. X Stitch is like taking Julie Jackson and Jenny Hart, stuffing them into a blender, pureeing them into one paste, kneading that paste into clay, and forming that clay into a superhuman embroidering golem, but in blog format. No, really! Monsieur Stitcher himself, Jamie, and his partner in crime, Bee, bring you the best in truly artistic, twisted, awesome, and self-referential embroidery every day. (Beefrank, may I call you Bee? I'm going to call you Bee.)

He and Bee are no slouches with a needle, either, as evidenced by their Etsy stores. (Who wants a blackwork "The Hammer Is My Penis"? I do, I do!)

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posted by Zabet at 2:54 PM | permalink |  1 Comments
Apr 18, 2009
Because ventriloquism isn't scary enough...

Hey Deadlings,

I thought might enjoy this video. Comedian Nina Conti and her friend, Monk. Enjoy!


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posted by Anthony at 4:37 PM | permalink |  2 Comments
Apr 14, 2009
It's a Vagina Dentata kind of day.

I don't know what it is about vagina dentata, but I just can't get 'em out of my head since the new issue went up.

Vagina Dentata wallet from VulvaLoveLovely on Etsy.
[Link fixed now. Thanks for the heads up, Anthony!]

This Time You Bleed tee from primalscreen on Etsy.

The surprisingly funny movie, Teeth. (Ok, maybe not funny if you are a guy. I found it pretty funny.)

And, of course, everyone's favorite song over at Queen of Wands.

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posted by Zabet at 12:58 PM | permalink |  0 Comments
Mar 28, 2009
Giving something back

Hey Deadlings,

I know it's been awhile. I also know that I don't normally dip into the serious with my posts, but for some reason this spoke to me. I've been saving the link for awhile, then I found it again and decided I had to share.

Leprosy Bandages

I'd love to get together a group and do a mass donation, if anyone is interested.


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posted by Anthony at 5:06 PM | permalink |  3 Comments
Mar 21, 2009
Currently Obsessed With...

...playing online Flash game Bloody Fun Day. You get to be the Grim Reaper of cute things!

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posted by Zabet at 2:01 PM | permalink |  0 Comments
Mar 5, 2009
Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger

I came across a new sock yarn club called GothSocks from Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs on Etsy.
"What are GothSocks you ask? GothSocks are our line of self striping yarns that stripe a sold black for 4-5 rows and then a variegated or semi-sold for another 4-5 rows."
Color me enchanted! Tip of the hat to you, Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs!

Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs also has adorable orifice hooks for spinners. (I love how dirty that sounds!) They are handmade and decorated with woodburining and color. My favorites were the one with the garden gnome and another one Gir from Invader Zim riding a pig. Had I not just brought home a Fricke with a delta orifice (locally; link is for reference), I'd be all over these hooks.

But, wag of the finger to you, Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs, for copyright infringement! Cartoon characters such as Gir are not public domain, and selling an orifice hook does not fall under Fair Use. My friend Clarine can educate you further on this subject, as she regularly smacks down unlicensed usage of the anime characters distributed via her company, Funimation.


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posted by Zabet at 1:04 PM | permalink |  1 Comments
Mar 3, 2009
Salisbury is Anything But Plain

At Clonehenge, Nancy Wisser is on a mission to document occurrences of Stonehenge replication. Instances she has noted range from the absurd to the sublime, with stops along the way for the hauntingly familiar. It's fascinating how fascinated the world is with Stonehenge!


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posted by Carin Huber at 5:22 PM | permalink |  3 Comments
Feb 11, 2009
An Insane Society

My friend Todd shared an article with me that spoke to me on several levels. The following quote sums up a lot of why I wanted to help start something like The AntiCraft:
Human beings are every day and in numerous ways psychologically, socially, and spiritually assaulted by a culture which:

* creates increasing material expectations
* devalues human connectedness
* socializes people to be self-absorbed
* obliterates self-reliance
* alienates people from normal human emotional reactions
* sells false hope that creates more pain
You can read the entire article Fundamentalist Consumerism and an Insane Society by Bruce E. Levine here.

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posted by Zabet at 2:14 PM | permalink |  1 Comments
Jan 31, 2009
Queen's Knight to Bishop A6

Hey Deadlings,

So, I like art that's also functional. I also like board games. I especially like board games if they're bloody wars played out in miniature. How can I combine all these things?

I'm so glad you asked!

Now you can have your game and see it to!

(Ok, ok, I know that was awful, I'm sorry! I just couldn't resist.)


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posted by Anthony at 10:03 AM | permalink |  1 Comments
Jan 24, 2009
Not now, I'm levitating!

So, in keeping with my theme of bookcases, or something, I present this!

What better way to convince your friends that you have phenomenal cosmic powers, especially if you're stuck in an itty-bitty living space? Plus, it just looks cool!


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posted by Anthony at 3:45 PM | permalink |  1 Comments
Jan 17, 2009
Put...the candle...back!

Hey Deadlings,

So, if you're like me, you always dreamed of have a secret room hidden behind a bookshelf somewhere in your house. Well, now that dream can be a reality!

I don't know about you, but I would put these all over my house!


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posted by Anthony at 7:07 PM | permalink |  2 Comments
Jan 15, 2009

I was surfing over at Morbid Outlook this morning and saw they had an interview with Devil and Mouse—"Charmingly creepy jewelry design" they called it. I could not resist taking a peek.

Oh. Mein. Gott.

They make the most adorable and squeetastic handpainted polymer clay pendants as well as some more elegant Victorian-type pieces. Oh, and they have a Tardis™ Dark Blue Police Box Time Machine lapel pin. What more you could you want?







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posted by Zabet at 9:25 AM | permalink |  0 Comments
Jan 14, 2009
Have you ever envied Harold and his Purple Crayon?

Um, sit DOWN and go back to death, Dr. Freud. Sometimes a crayon is JUST a crayon.

Here's a game that lets you go on adventures, level after (increasingly difficult) level (otherwise it wouldn't be fun, would it?), drawing your route as you go. The kicker is that the laws of physics apply, in ways that they don't in your average Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Remember: Harold started to sink when he accidentally drew water.

Crayon Physics Deluxe trailer 2 from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

Intrigued? Want more? Yeah. Me too.

Here's a link to a demo for this game, on the Crayon Physics homepage.

I love the idea of "drawing" plus "gaming". Pictionary had me at "Pict," and I fell hard for Cranium. So, having given my heart almost fully to Crayon Physics, I have been nudged toward these other games, as well. Some of them I have tried, some I can't, but it's only because I don't have the equipment.

Magic Pen -- this is very fun and has a cruelly amusing challenge to it;

Line Rider was described as zenlike in its pointlessness... I agree, and lost interest soon after starting;

Trace, for iPhone and iPod touch, neither of which I have and therefore could not try (weep);

and Crazy Machines is lush in its steampunk pinball-ish homage to Rube Goldberg, and there are dozens of movies demo'ing this game on YouTube. Beware: watching others play this game is just as addicting as (I would assume) playing it. Once again, the platforms for this game are iPhone and iPod touch, and so (once again) my fingers are distressingly denied tactile entertainment fix. (Pouts, and reaches for the Atari 2600 I got my husband for Christmas this year...)

It's a great way to reconnect with a sense of play with drawing materials, and the result is that my hands are itching to transfer this energy to paper and cloth. I think this year is going to be far more productive, creatively.

reaching for paper, any paper! Or cardboard... or a tablecloth... perhaps a wall...



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posted by Rebecca at 2:14 AM | permalink |  2 Comments
Jan 9, 2009

Seriously? I am incompetent with the linking for some reason lately. Materialism link in post below is all fixed now.

By way of apology check out this freaking awesome centipede:

It's the art of Jon Beinart. (From Sage via Craftastrophe.)

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posted by Zabet at 9:49 AM | permalink |  1 Comments

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