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Sep 24, 2009
Ready. Aim. Draw.

Here's a way to get more bang for your art.

Set up a large, painted sheet of metal. Take aim. Shoot your subject into the surface.

This is what artist Walt Creel does.

He doesn't just use any old subjects, either. He specifically "draws" (heh. puns.) animals that are usually shot for food or sport. Mostly for food, though, or at least that's how it seems to me from what I've seen of his work. Here's one:

Take a look at this article and Creel's website for more information and more pictures.

Yes, each one of those pointillist dots is a bullet hole. A precisely placed bullet hole. The guy is a marksman and a draftsman. Incredible and exquisite.

This exhibit of animals rendered in steel by bullet hole is called "Deweaponizing the Gun". I find it utterly fascinating. His skill both with the gun and with drawing are formidable. I'm actually quite grateful he's considering this act of art "deweaponizing", as I would seriously fear to be on the receiving end of his 'drawing implement'.

The comments that can be inferred from his work are varied. I have my own take. I'm sure it's a bit different from his own take. I love how diverse the reactions can be to this wonderful work.


taking aim,


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Jan 14, 2009
Have you ever envied Harold and his Purple Crayon?

Um, sit DOWN and go back to death, Dr. Freud. Sometimes a crayon is JUST a crayon.

Here's a game that lets you go on adventures, level after (increasingly difficult) level (otherwise it wouldn't be fun, would it?), drawing your route as you go. The kicker is that the laws of physics apply, in ways that they don't in your average Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Remember: Harold started to sink when he accidentally drew water.

Crayon Physics Deluxe trailer 2 from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

Intrigued? Want more? Yeah. Me too.

Here's a link to a demo for this game, on the Crayon Physics homepage.

I love the idea of "drawing" plus "gaming". Pictionary had me at "Pict," and I fell hard for Cranium. So, having given my heart almost fully to Crayon Physics, I have been nudged toward these other games, as well. Some of them I have tried, some I can't, but it's only because I don't have the equipment.

Magic Pen -- this is very fun and has a cruelly amusing challenge to it;

Line Rider was described as zenlike in its pointlessness... I agree, and lost interest soon after starting;

Trace, for iPhone and iPod touch, neither of which I have and therefore could not try (weep);

and Crazy Machines is lush in its steampunk pinball-ish homage to Rube Goldberg, and there are dozens of movies demo'ing this game on YouTube. Beware: watching others play this game is just as addicting as (I would assume) playing it. Once again, the platforms for this game are iPhone and iPod touch, and so (once again) my fingers are distressingly denied tactile entertainment fix. (Pouts, and reaches for the Atari 2600 I got my husband for Christmas this year...)

It's a great way to reconnect with a sense of play with drawing materials, and the result is that my hands are itching to transfer this energy to paper and cloth. I think this year is going to be far more productive, creatively.

reaching for paper, any paper! Or cardboard... or a tablecloth... perhaps a wall...



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