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Feb 2, 2010

Hi, howdy, how y'all doin'?

What's that? Who the hell am I? Well, I don't blame you for not recognizing me here anymore, it's been that long since I posted. Since anyone other than Zabet posted here, for that matter.

But I've found something fabulous, that you must go look at, right this minute!

That, my friends, is the comet detail of an appliqued and embroidered quilt of the solar system. It was made by Ellen Harding Baker in 1876 for use as a visual aid in the astronomy lectures she gave. (That's not a typo - it's 133 years old.) The quilt is on display at the Smithsonian. If you have the chance. go see it in person, and let me know to what works it inspires you!


P.S. Happy Imbolc! :)

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posted by Carin Huber at 12:02 AM | permalink |  2 Comments
Sep 9, 2009
Cornfed (warning: Here There Be Puns.)

'Tis the season for cornfield labyrinths, and I thought this one was rather moooving.

I didn't take this picture, so please pay attention here: This picture is credited to "REUTERS/Thomas Peter (GERMANY ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY IMAGES OF THE DAY)". I want to be sure they get the credit they are due because this image simply jumped out at me in my Yahoo feed. And partly because I'm lazy, though mostly because there's no better way to inform about this picture (so why rewrite it?), here's what Yahoo had to say about the photo:

An aerial view shows a labyrinth in the form of a cow that is cut into a corn and hemp field in Marienfelde outside Berlin September 2, 2009. The labyrinth was created by the Federal Institute of Risk Assessment to raise awareness for healthy eating and dangers from harmful substances in food as well as to explain the digestion process in the stomach of a cow.

I really 'cud' not resist, especially in light of my "Haptic" labyrinth embroidery project in the current issue of the 'zine. It is true, though, that I love a good corn maze. I'd love to see pics and hear stories of mazes near any of you.

Does anyone else think "corn and hemp field" is a bit of a surprising combination? Doesn't bother me, I'm just thinking about some people's tendency to mix the harvested and processed results. Corn chips and... _________, anyone? (YARN, of course. What else could I possibly have meant??)

I'll be watching for interesting corn mazes this year! It's been a while since I've had a good maze-wander, so I think I'll have to remedy that. I'm thinking, however, I'd pass up the opportunity to wander around in some animal's GI track. I'm not squeamish, I just think it would poop me out.

ruminating and wandering,


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posted by Rebecca at 5:46 AM | permalink |  1 Comments
Aug 27, 2009
Mr X Stitch contest reminder

Don't forget to enter into Mr X Stitch's first birthday contest! You have until noon GMT (that's 7am Eastern) on October 3 to enter. Good luck!

Happy birthday, Jamie and Bee!

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posted by Zabet at 1:27 PM | permalink |  0 Comments
Aug 24, 2009
Happy Birthday, Mr. X Stitch!

This Thursday, August 27, Mr. X Stitch is celebrating the site's first birthday with big news and a big giveaway:
"First of all we will be launching a new range of cross stitch and embroidery patterns from some of the newest embroidery talents out there. When you find out who they are, you're going to want them!

We're also announcing a new roster of guest posters, who will be bringing you more views from the wonderful world of stitching.

And finally, the information you've all been waiting for…we're having a giveaway!

Yes indeed, you will have the chance to win one of the following:

* A gift pack from the awesome Subversive Cross stitch!
* One of Emily Peacock's fabulous needlepoint kits!
* A free sampler of your choice from Miso Funky!
* A copy of Manga Cross Stitch, courtesy of Ilex Books!
* An original Beefranck stitchery!
* And a piece of work from some wiseacre called Mr X Stitch.

We've also got a special prize of a batch of light effects threads that will end up with whoever makes us laugh the most over the course of the week. Can't be bad!"

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posted by Zabet at 4:23 PM | permalink |  0 Comments
Jul 14, 2009

I'm getting bad at blogging. Facebook's short status updates have spoiled me, leaving my deep-thinking and pontificating muscles unused and beginning to atrophy.

Puerto Rico was fabulous, and I swear if something could be done about the heat and humidity, I'd move there in a heartbeat. While I didn't get to meet up with any AntiCrafters, I was somehow outed to my day job teammates (we were there giving a workshop) as being Strange Craft Girl during my off hours. These are stiff, academic types, but they took it reasonably well, in a "we knew you were weird, we just didn't know HOW weird" sort of way.

In crafting news, one of my favorite cross stitchers, Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch, just did an interview with my new embroidery heartthrob, Jamie Chalmers of Mr. X Stitch, for Craft. My only regret is that there is not more Bee! Go read it now and leave loving comments for both the subject and the author, for they are both faboo and deserve our cookies.

In other crafting news, Shannon Okey (aka Knitgrrl aka the woman who does not ever ever ever stop working) is opening up Knitgrrl Studio in Lakewood, OH (near Cleveland). She of course had her big to-do this Saturday and I completely failed to tell you all ahead of time. (Sorry!) But if you're in the area, check it out! (Knitgrrl Studio website, Knitgrrl Studio FB page)

And for your AntiCrafting pleasure, proof that there might be such a thing as "too much juxtaposition" (and you know how I loves me some juxtaposition!): Hairy Spoon Rest and Toenail Clipping Spoon Rest. (From Craftster via Craftastrope.)

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posted by Zabet at 2:38 PM | permalink |  2 Comments
May 21, 2009
Golden Inspiration

When we started planning the upcoming embroidery issue of the AntiCraft, I took advantage of my ties to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and signed up for the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild email list. Through the Needleworkers Guild I met Chris Laning (aka Dame Christian de Holacombe), with whom I am collaborating on a project for your enjoyment. We hope you'll like it!

The other day, a link came through the email list from Maitress Yvianne de Castel d'Avignon, of the kingdom of Aethelmearc (West Virginia and western Pensylvania and New York), sharing a project that that she had recently completed in the "or nue" technique. It's simply amazing:

click picture to see progress photos of this project

(It can be dificult to capture the depth of metallic gold in a photograph. One of the progress pictures on Yvianne's web page shows it really well.)

Or nue is done by laying gold thread on the surface of the fabric, then stitching over it with various colors of thread to add color and shading to the image. It's a very time consuming method, but I think the results are well worth the time!

You see, embroidery can be so much more than flowers and bluebirds outlined on the hem of your grandmother's pillowcases. It can be deep and rich, as well. Couldn't you use a little richness stitched into your life?


(I know, two posts in as many days. Who'da thunk it?)

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posted by Carin Huber at 11:47 AM | permalink |  0 Comments
May 15, 2009
I have been remiss about some stitches

I've been meaning to point out Mr. X Stitch since the beginning of the month, but have had blog fail. Time to rectify, especially since they were nice enough to plug the current contest and upcoming issue for us!

Mr. X Stitch is like taking Julie Jackson and Jenny Hart, stuffing them into a blender, pureeing them into one paste, kneading that paste into clay, and forming that clay into a superhuman embroidering golem, but in blog format. No, really! Monsieur Stitcher himself, Jamie, and his partner in crime, Bee, bring you the best in truly artistic, twisted, awesome, and self-referential embroidery every day. (Beefrank, may I call you Bee? I'm going to call you Bee.)

He and Bee are no slouches with a needle, either, as evidenced by their Etsy stores. (Who wants a blackwork "The Hammer Is My Penis"? I do, I do!)

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posted by Zabet at 2:54 PM | permalink |  1 Comments

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