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Mar 31, 2009
What to do with plastic bags, and why Helen should be on the frickin' payroll

If we had a payroll, anyway. Here's another fab thing I learned about from Helen. I have to say that I rather hate plarn, but had not had time to think of alternate cool things to do with plastic bags. Luckily, the Lucky Ladybird has been quite industrious in this sector.

And hey, I'm posting during production crunch time! Either I've lost my frickin' mind or things are VERY CLOSE to being ready for the new issue. Or both.


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Jan 24, 2009
Not now, I'm levitating!

So, in keeping with my theme of bookcases, or something, I present this!

What better way to convince your friends that you have phenomenal cosmic powers, especially if you're stuck in an itty-bitty living space? Plus, it just looks cool!


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