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Jun 24, 2009
Doll A Day for June

I did want to talk about Ed Franklin today, so here we go.

Ed is local to The AntiCraft HQ, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit I had a total crush on him in high school. (In my defense, he had a book on Dalí. What high school boy has a book about Dalí?)

For each day in June, Ed is making a wooden doll and hiding it around downtown. He then posts a pic of the doll with a clue as to its whereabouts. Each doll has a note attached that indicates the game is played with strict rule of Finders, Keepers.


June is coming to an end and I've yet to find one of the little buggers. I can only hope he decides to do it again next year!

See the full gallery of dolls to date on Flickr.

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