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Dec 2, 2009
Yule Surprise!


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Oct 14, 2009
Printing a Correction

Here's one for the science geeks: check out the updated Firewater Paint With Me for some corrections involving triple-bonding between carbon and nitrogen. Sexy, we know!

(Thanks Alex!)

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Sep 30, 2009
The AntiCraft: Samhain 2009 Not As Creative As You Drunk I Am
We're pleased to announce the Samhain 2009 issue is now available!

It's true, the liquor has been flowing here at AntiCraft Headquarters, but before you lock us up in the drunk tank, consider what we have to offer:

• Commune with Aphrodite while you sip a spicy honeydew cordial from Terpon's Cup

• Pop someone's cherry and mix up a Virgin Sacrifice

• Get Pickled with the best damn Bloody Mary on the planet

• Whip out a belt and teach someone the real meaning of Restraint

As you can see, this issue has something for everyone except minors, teetotalers, and recovering alcoholics. (Sorry, y'all!)

Not As Creative As You Drunk I Am, Samhain 2009

Happy crafting, everyone!
.:The AntiCraft Staff


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