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Nov 24, 2009
Imbolc 2010 Call for Submissions

Lest we forget!

Coming from the current issue, we have realized the White Witch is right after all: it is dull to drink without eating. Therefore, in case you haven't sussed it yet, the upcoming issue of The AntiCraft is all about comfort food and the accoutrements on the table or in the kitchen that make it happen. We know most of you pull out all the stops during the holiday season and we invite you to submit your must-have recipes, special tabletop touches, and crafty kitchen projects.

Submissions should preferably be in by December 20, but we can probably stretch it until the 26th. Please be sure to check out the new (and hopefully improved) Submission Guidelines.

Look for the Imbolc 2010 issue to be out around January 9th; we'll make an announcement when it's available!

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Nov 6, 2009
Submit, Bitch!

Just a note to say that the submission guidelines have been updated, hopefully in a way which you will find to be more specific (and therefore user-friendly). Also, AntiCrafty designers will want to note that we've made an email list just for you! Check it out and sign up!

The AntiCraft Submission Guidelines

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