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Jan 12, 2010
Health! Books! Imbolc!

Thanks for all the well-wishes; wouldn't you know that right as I was getting better my husband caught it? Jeez. All healthy now, though, just with a lingering cough, which means we're back to shipping out books and all other orders!

We've has sold books in all but 15 states. There are 18 books left. Coincidence? I think not. (Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming, in case you are wondering.)

I mean, Hawaii I get. Who wants to knit with wool or wear black there? But Kansas, oh Kansas. Every autumn you prove to me you can be awesome if you just try, but now this? The woe, the betrayal! And Wyoming, don't you remember when I came to visit and (in theory) ride horses in 1982, before I knew I had a severe allergy and the beasts would kill me? Don't you still love me?

Also, I promise the Imbolc issue will be up before Imbolc. Stick a needle in my eye!

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Dec 26, 2009
The AntiCraft post-Christmas sale is here!

A few things left from Bazaar Bizarre are now available for purchase at the post-Christmas sale.

You can only get there by clicking here, so click already!
(opens in a new window)

Quantities are limited. First in-the-inbox, first served!

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Nov 18, 2009
For our fans in the United Kingdom

You now how your own book order button under the book tab. The price is $16.76 (~£10), including shipping. Enjoy!

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Nov 16, 2009
Going Out of Print Sale!

When life gives me lemons, I turn off all the lights, listen to The Cure for 24 hours straight, and write horrible poetry on black paper with black ink while I weep black mascara tears all over it. Then I go make narcotic lemonade.

I got a letter from our publisher saying that they have found themselves in an "overstock situation" with Anticraft: Knitting, Stitching, and Beading for the Slightly Sinister (really, I will never stop hating that subtitle). So, the bad news is that it will not be reprinted, but the GOOD NEWS is that I was able to buy 150 deeply discounted copies, which I will in turn sell to you, signed and personalized. I will even go so far as to steal a page from Amanda Palmer and Om Nom Nom on them if you so desire, despite the warning I put in the back of the book about NOT LICKING IT because it was printed in China so Gods only know what might be on it. That's right, I'm totally putting my personal health at risk FOR YOU. That's love, baby.

We ordered the books Friday morning, and they will reach HQ in 10 business days. Which means that you can preorder a personalized book right now and have your holiday shopping done and out of the way in a trice, and we'll ship it out as soon as we have them in our hot little hands. Aren't we so helpful?

Profits from these book sales are going to be put into a savings account to one day fund... are you ready for it? ANTICON. Coming in the next 24-36 months or so to a city probably not very near you (and very likely in Ohio, unless Carin manages to put together AntiCon West first, in which case it will be somewhere nearish to San Francisco), so start saving now for your airfare!

And speaking of holiday shopping, if you want to give a gift to us, you can totally shop via our portal on the Materialism page, where we'll get little kickbacks for anything you buy. Not that you shouldn't buy local (BUY LOCAL!!!!), but when you can't get it local and have to shop online anyway, you can enter Amazon through our portal, get whatever you like, and we get a little kickback. It's all sorts of awesome.

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May 20, 2009
Speaking of AC t-shirts

C'mon, you know you want one.

If you're going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area the weekend of May 30 and 31, you should come to the Maker Faire, at the San Mateo County Expo Center. And drag your friends of opposite gender along, too. One building has more handcrafty stuff, and the other building has more handbuildy stuff, so there's cool stuff for everyone to check out.

I'll be wandering around there, with a friend with a video camera in tow, probably on the 31st. I'll be wearing my AC shirt and carrying a swag bag, so look for me. If you bring a Sharpie with you, I'll even autograph body parts. ;D

See you at the Faire!


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May 19, 2009
New Tee at Zazzle

The idea for this shirt came about when my friends Sage and Helen and I decided we really needed a shirt to wear to parties so we'd be left alone. (Why don't we all just hang out with each other? Because one of us lives in the USA, another in Canada, and another in the UK. Not exactly convenient!) So, for all the other misanthropes who find themselves beset by gregarious individuals at parties they'd been pressured into attending: here's looking at you.

(PS - also comes in a babydoll version.)

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Jan 8, 2009
Imbolc 2009

As most of you already know, the new issue Olde Larhus is now available.

If you want to update your feed for the new blog, you can use this link.

Also, the Materialism page has been heavily updated to 1) make browsing a little easier (I know it gets confusing with all the "this comes from here but that comes from there" stuff) and 2) show all available items. There are seven new stickers!

I'm coding like a good little monkey. Please keep the comments, suggestions, and concerns coming!

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