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Welcome to AntiCrafters Anonymous

Update 12/12/2011:
We should be all caught up on any outstanding forum members awaiting approval. If you have any forum questions or feel you've been overlooked, just send an email to us at and we'll fix it as quick as we can. Thanks!

Click here to enter the forum. Feel free to bookmark that page and skip directly to it in the future.

You can read the forum without registering, but if you want to post, you will have to register an account. Registration is simple and free, just click the word "register" in the upper left hand corner after it says "Welcome, Guest."

We solemnly swear to not sell, rent, lend, or spread around any information collected in the registration process. By registering, you agree to let us send you occasional announcements (~6/yr) to the email address you have supplied.

Forum Rules:
1. No prosletysing. This applies to all religions.
2. There is a difference between being nice and being good. We will never require you to be nice. Be good.
3. Foul language is completely fucking acceptable.
4. Harassment based on religious beliefs; sexual orientation; gender or gender identification; racial, ethnic, or national identification; social or economic status; definition of family; or use of novelty yarn will not be tolerated. You will get your ass banned. (See Rule 2.)
5. Spammers will be hexed, banned, hexed again, and shot with a laser we have hooked up to a satellite that is controlled by the minions on our moon base.

Update 11/29/2011:
Zabet upgraded the forum from SMF 1.15 to SMF 2.0 today. The basic navigability is the same. And yes, the new "default" skin is VERY sliver+blue. Reskinning will have to wait for later, possibly over the winter holidays. In the meanwhile, report anything seriously wonky to . Thanks!

Update 11/22/2011:
Zabet did a massive purging of forum accounts today. Only accounts that have never posted a single post and were more than 30 days old were purged. (So, if you signed up six months ago and never got around to posting, your account is gone; feel free to re-register.) Everyone else shouldn't notice a difference at all. Send your panicked emails to if you need it explained in smaller words.


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