Stitch 'n Bitch - Lexington, KY - Established 2003

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What is a Stitch 'n Bitch?

A Stitch 'n Bitch (or SNB for short) is a social gathering of crafters, repopularized in the 2000s and geared towards knitters.

When and where is SNB held?

Currently, we're holding strong to Thursday nights at Third Street Stuff, from about 7 or 8pm until they close at 11pm. We take over the couches in the brick room in the back. You certainly don't have to stay for the whole time, we're very organic and flexible about comings and goings.

Please be aware that attendence tends to drop off sharply over the Winter holidays and pick back up in the Spring.

Do I have to knit to attend a SNB?

Nope! We welcome crocheters and crafters of all sorts, though we do ask that whatever project you bring fits nicely into your lap since table space (and elbow space) is limited. SNB-Lex does skew heavily towards knitters, but nearly all of us are "polycraftual"; we can and do often work in other media as well.

Can you teach me how to knit or crochet?


We used to try to be a lot more accomodating about this, but teaching requires a lot time and attention and we like to use our SNB time for socializing. There are two good yarn stores in Lexington that offer knitting and crocheting classes at very reasonable rates, and we recommend you head to those experts. Besides, teaching at an SNB is extra difficult because there are lots of cross-conversations and we tend to get pulled off track to chase shiny things really easily.

Rebelle: 859-389-9750 or

Magpie Yarn: 859-455-7437 or

To be clear, though, we don't mind if you're a beginner, and we love to swap techniques or explain further if someone is a little fuzzy on a concept, but you need to have the basics down.

Can I bring my kid?

We'd really rather you didn't.

SNBs aren't geared toward being kid-friendly. The conversation is often bawdy, raucous, racy, explicit, and peppered with curse words. Many of the parents in our group look forward to having adult time away from their own kids and some members just plain old don't "do" children.

However, if you have a genuinely enthusiastic teen and feel they are old enough to brave our conversations and be out on a school night, we're not entirely opposed to their presence. Just be forewarned that we don't modify our behavior for anyone.

Are there other SNBs in Lexington?

There are other knitting groups, for sure, but we don't know if any of them style themselves a "Stitch 'n Bitch"; lots of people are turned off by the word bitch. We used to try to reach other to the other groups and keep a master calendar of knitterly gathering — we are fully aware that we are not everyone's favorite flavor — but it became a horrible chore and we gave it up.

If you're not into the vibe at the SNB, Magpie Yarns has a few little social knitting clubs that might be more your speed, so check them out!

Where else can I connect with SNB-Lex?

We're all over the web! Please note, the fastest way to get a response to any questions you may have is to send email to rather than try to contact us elsewhere.

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