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Imbolc 2006

Issue the Second: The Winter of Our Discontent
by Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart

When we began working on this issue, we were discontent about a lot of things. We were discontent about the holidays, which had worn us down with the rampant commercialism and forced cheer they bring. We were discontent about so many knitting circles being forced to change their names because of one company's ludicrous claim of trademark infringement. But we were mostly discontent when a friend was diagnosed with small cell cancer. We were angry on his behalf and on behalf of his wife, who has loved us and led us so much in the past two years. We were discontent about the entire situation, but we are vicious gals and we believed in the fight.

On January 30, 2006, the fight was over. A good man, a husband and father, died. And we are no longer exhilarated, no longer discontent; we are grieving and we are pissed off. Though it isn't what we originally intended, this issue—too small a tribute—is now dedicated to all those whose lives have been touched by cancer.


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