The AntiCraft

Hello again, AntiCrafters!

Ok, so this isn't a perfect 100% archive of the zine. We're trying to pare it down to the necessities you'll see that the links to the forum and submission guidelines, among others, are gone from the menu on the left. We're also fixing and updating some things. All direct links to individual projects should stay the same, though! We know better than to do y'all dirty like that.

There's a lot of content to comb through, so put your whinging on hold. When it's all finished, we'll let you know about it right here. In the meanwhile, feel free to browse, knowing that nothing is quite yet in its permanent form.

UPDATE: Mini-issues #1-5 have been cleaned up.

– Zabet, February 2024

The AntiCraft Archive 2005-2012, in all its terrible and doomed glory

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