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Imbolc 2007

Issue the Sixth: Not Safe For Work
by Zabet Stewart

Ok, so I guess this is actually a Letter from the Editrix for this issue, as Renée has been diligently toiling on the book while I put the issue together. Translation: If any of the projects haven't been properly tech edited, blame me and not her!

So, we are tired of this winter shit already and are ready to speed our pulses up and sweat a little. This issue is full of straight-out naughty NSFW projects for your crafting pleasure. (Don't mock that pie until you've had it - the most common response is a slowly moaned, "ooooooh God!" Sounds to me like the best way to get your daily dose of religion.)

Yes, it's a light issue, but shut yer pie-hole because a little suffering now will pay off in the future. And if our platitudes aren't enough to convince you, we're running a contest because we're hoping you are easily bought with freebies!

This issue we've got a Craft Challenge for one of the projects - of course we won't say which because that takes half the fun out. That and we're just fucking evil. Ok, mostly because we're evil. Suffice it to say that the winning project will get their project published plus receive a contraceptive/safe sex gift pack! Take a close look at each project in this issue to find details about the Craft Challenge. Entries are due no later than March 15, 2007, and we reserve the right to post any entrant's project pic on our blog.


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