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Imbolc 2010

Issue the Eighteenth: NOM
by Zabet Stewart

You know, last year at this time I said that "I tend to be persistently and ungracefully behind." It's not changed. The Imbolc issue takes the brunt of it, every year. I can only guess it's because of the frenzied holidaymaking that happens from late November until the New Year, and after that we all want to collapse. In my day job, I return to absolute jam-packed insanity. I work at a university with faculty who always seem to think that deadlines don't apply to them and a semester that starts in mid-January.

My dear friend Erssie chastises me for these bouts of honesty because I sound too run-down, or on the verge of quitting, or like the rest of the Staff isn't pulling their weight. Let me assure you that none of those things are true; I've just always leaned towards brutal honesty. The AntiCraft has the privilege to not have to act like a "proper" business, always presenting a brave, perky face, and I don't take that for granted.

So tell me about your plans for 2010 over in the blog comments. There are plenty of plans buzzing around Headquarters right now, it's one of the things I love about the Imbolc issue, no matter how difficult it likes to make itself. January just sort of cackles with potential, doesn't it? It's an odd mix of lethargy and anticipation, like we're all waiting for the ice to break so we can pull ourselves out of these chrysalides.

The recipes this issue are pure lethargy. They are things to make in large batches so that you don't have to cook too often, and are meant to be eaten curled up in a blanket before a fire. Maybe with a good book, pet, or loved one nearby for snuggling.

Happy 2010, my dear AntiCrafters.



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