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Lughnasadh 2009

Issue the Sixteenth: Just A Little Prick
by Zabet Stewart

This issue was decidedly less crazy to put together than the last one - having half as many projects helps. I really am going to instate that "No Issues With More Than 10 Projects" rule—purely out of self-defense, of course. I'm not keen on having my head explode.

Anyway, I hope everyone really enjoys the projects this time around. Malice and The Sticking Place were truly collaborative efforts with a frenzied amount of activity surrounding them; Haptic really helped me get my Zen back afterward; Pillow Talk and Cthulhu Sez are both freakin' adorable; and I am honored that Ms. BeeFranck graced us with her elegant Sick Fuck.

Also? How many jobs allow you to say "elegant Sick Fuck" and mean it? I love this job!

Needleworkers, unite! And keep sending in submissions for future issues—we love projects from all walks of craft. (Hint, hint, Helen, this means you. After you have finished moving house, of course.)

Now excuse me while I go pack my suitcase so I can head to Puerto Rico!



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