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Issue the Ninth: Sticky
by Zabet Stewart and Renée Rigdon

Holy shit, boys and girls, do we have a buttload of stuff for you. Not only is there your usual, action-packed issue ('cos you know we're up on the couch eating bon-bons, that's how action-packed we are) but there are new sections to the website for you to explore! You can worship, stalk, bitch, complain, look for help, and share ideas over in the new AntiCrafters Anonymous forums. Actually, that's an awful lot of stuff to do at once; maybe you should just register for now? Clicky on the new Forum button in the left-hand menu. Build up to it. Don't tax yourself. We nag because we care.

Second on the list of delights is the website for the book, AntiCraft: Knitting, Stitching, and Beading for the Slightly Sinister, which is coming out on November 30th. Clicky on the button labled Book and you'll find the projects and writings that mysteriously wandered away from the printing press, plus info on a mind-bendingly difficult contest we've put together, and errata for the book's projects. Yes, there's errata already, and the book isn't even released. Them's the breaks. We'll do our best to catch 'em and fix 'em for you as fast as we can.

So step into our parlor, fellow AntiCrafters, and hang on for dear life.


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