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Imbolc 2006

Issue the Seventh: Emotional Baggage
by Renée Rigdon and Zabet Stewart

To everything (turn, turn, turn?) there is a season. Another season, another reason (for making whoopie?). Okay, so we don't need a season for this issue, but we have a confession: Renée is a purse whore. Long gone are the days of our mothers with their summer purse (white) and winter purse (black), we need a purse for every shade of our dark, embittered mood. There's Renée's I'm bitter, but want to look like a goth princess star tote from Bungalow 360. There is her Warhol-inspired skull bag that proclaims I'm bitter, but I also want to know what this dude's head would look like if I were to skin him alive. And of course, her retro tattoo fabric bag that says I'm bitter, but also need to carry around a lot of stuff today, and hey wouldn't it be nice to get another tattoo? I think I'll get another tattoo soon, but what to get? Or maybe I'll go ahead and get that lip piercing next, because that would be fun. Hey, I wonder if I just have some weird desire to be hurt recreationally and what other ways I could go about it? Hmm, what should I make for dinner tonight, I'm leaning towards-- And then we cut her off because she won't. shut. up.

(We know, it's usually Zabet who won't shut up. This is how much Renée likes purses. Scary, eh?)

Purse whores need a constant source of tricks, and tricks we herein present. Oh, and there's some other stuff, too. We hope you enjoy. Keep your eyes open over the next two months, because we will be bringing you two surprise projects, and we have news on the horizon. It's almost exciting. How ever will we stay so morose?


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