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Imbolc 2008

Issue the Tenth: Get Stuffed!
by Zabet Stewart

Well, welcome to the first issue of 2008. This is going to be a big year here at AntiCraft Headquarters, as a whole lotta shit is going down.

First, we regret to inform you that Renée is no longer with us. Not that she's died, mind, but that she has moved on to bigger and better things, such as returning to school and focusing on her writing career. We wish her well! (Ahahaha, Zabet typed "hell" first—Freudian slip?) She named this issue, and it is with quiet reverence that all Angstylvanians and AntiCrafters should stand at attention and return her salute. Yeah, that salute. Rock on, Renée Rigdon. Rock the fuck on.

We hope to see Renée back with some contributions as her schedule allows. With that, however, Zabet draws her sword and bellows By the power of Greyskull! By which she means she's freaked out about being in charge but excited, and hopes you are, too.

Second, you will notice that we are still using the pronoun "we." This is not because we've been hit on the head and suddenly think we're Queen Victoria and entitled to it, it's because though we've lost a partner, we've gained some minions. If you read the blog or hang out on the forums you may have met them already, but if you haven't, please welcome Anthony, Carin, Edith, Raellyn, and Rebecca to the fold. If you can't bring yourself to be welcoming, we understand, just keep your spit to yourself.* Their most noticeable impact will be blogging and moderating the forums, but their most important work will be behind the scenes, lending their craft expertise to the technical editing side of things and helping Zabet with some of the grunt work. Gods bless the freaks, especially the ones who volunteer.

Last, and certainly most third, is that in 2008 The AntiCraft is going to transition its publication dates gradually so that by 2009 we are publishing 30 days earlier. This will affect submission deadlines, so if you've been thinking of submitting, please check the updated deadlines on the Submission Guidelines. (

Publication dates for 2008 will be as follows:
Imbolc (Spring) February 1, 2008 (duh)
Beltane (Summer) April 25, 2008
Lughnasadh (Fall) July 15, 2008
Samhain (Winter) October 1, 2008

Starting in 2009, publication dates will be fully shifted to the new schedule:
Imbolc (Spring) January 1
Beltane (Summer) April 1
Lughnasadh (Fall) July 1
Samhain (Winter) October 1

Wow. Longest. Letter from the Editrix. Ever.

*This was written about a month before that Philidelphia Weekly review, for those of you who are keeping score. Strange!


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