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Beltane 2010

Issue the Nineteenth: Herpein kai Katakukloun (It's Greek to You)
by Zabet Stewart

You can tell I was working on the title/cover art at the last minute: I didn't bounce it off the Staff first, and the result reeks of my secret desire for deliberate obfuscation like the highway currently reeks of road kill. Ah, Spring!

So in this creeping and encircling issue, there's a lot of knitting content. That'll make a bunch of folks happy. Other people—crocheters—will be less enthused. To them we say, "Submit!" (Submit projects, we mean, not submit to knitting.)

We're also pleased as hell to announce the debut of our first tatting project, from one of our very own AntiCraft forum-junkies. Not to be outdone, there's a lovely seasonal soup recipe from another AntiCrafty forum denizen. We love you guys. You know that, right? We. Love. You.

So peruse the wares (ha, at first I typed "wears," which would only have been 15% inaccurate), and remember: If you break it, you buy it! Or you would if we weren't sluts and giving it away for free.

Wow, it really is Spring around here...!


P.S. If you aren't a Facebook fan yet... well, you're missing all the fun stuff.