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Beltane 2010
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Beltane 2010

Amy Klimt (photo)

Creeping Jenny

This drawstring bag, which I imagine as a bag for small knitting projects, is worked one color at a time in a slip-stitch mosaic pattern. Stitches are picked up from a leather base for a knitted bag that you won't be afraid to set on the floor, no matter where you may go. The stitch pattern (Endless Branch from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury) is a series of never-ending vines that also evokes the balance of yin and yang imagery.

by Amy Klimt

Suggested Reading

The Rain in the Trees by W. S. Merwin


Strong Intermediate
Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

Finished Measurements

6"/15cm diameter base x 9"/23cm H

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Amy Klimt (model)
Bryan Klimt (photo)


Creeping Jenny Chart (pdf format)
Creeping Jenny Template (pdf format)


  • 1 piece of flexible leather or vinyl, at least 7"/18cm x 7"/18cm
  • Compass and paper or computer software and printer for making a circle of given radius
  • Scissors
  • Leather punch with approx 3/32" (2.4mm) option
  • Tandy Leather Economy Rotary Punch, Item #3220-00 (see Design Notes)


  • Rowan All Seasons Cotton [60% cotton, 40% acrylic microfiber; 98yd/90m per 1.76oz/50g ball] 233 black, 1 ball (MC)
  • Rowan All Seasons Cotton [60% cotton, 40% acrylic microfiber; 98yd/90m per 1.76oz/50g ball] 240 sprout, 1 ball (CC)
  • US B/2.5mm/UK 12 crochet hook, or any size that fits through the punched holes yet has a big enough hook to pull yarn through
  • US and UK 7/4.5mm 16"/40cm circular needles, or size to get gauge.
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle

You Will Also Need

  • Braided cord approx 5/16"/8mm diameter, at least 36"/90cm in length and up to 70"/178cm for a bag with shoulder straps.


18 stitches and 28 rows per 4"/10cm in stockinette stitch worked flat.
Each 24 row and 20 stitch colorwork chart repeat should measure 2 1/2"/6.4cm high and 3 3/4"/9.5cm wide.

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Amy Klimt (photo)

Design Notes

The entire ball of MC will be used. I suggest buying 2, especially if you do not wish to rip out your swatch. Most yarn shops allow returns of unused balls of yarn for store credit. If substituting yarns, use an aran weight cotton/acrylic blend for best results.

The slip-stitch colorwork pattern is worked in stockinette stitch with only one color per round, using each color for 2 rounds before switching to the other color. The color to be used is indicated to the right of the round number on the chart. Chart stitches shown in the color being used are to be knitted, and stitches shown in the other color are to be slipped purlwise with working yarn in back. Even numbered rounds are identical to the preceding odd round and are omitted from the chart.

Regarding the leather punch: when I purchased this item, the smallest punch was labeled as 2mm. It is actually larger than that, about 2.5mm judging by my knitting gauges. The current description for the product indicates that the smallest punch is 3/32", which is about 2.4mm. I believe this is accurate.


Make Base

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Amy Klimt (photo)

Cut a 3.15"/8cm radius (or a 6.3"/16cm diameter) circle out of leather or vinyl. Punch 100 evenly spaced holes approx 5/32"/4mm from the edge of the circle using a 3/32"/2.4mm punch. Use the template to help you space the holes.

Knit the Bag

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Amy Klimt (photo)

With right (smooth) side of leather facing and using crochet hook, PU 100 stitches in MC, transferring stitches to the circular needle as you go.

Place marker for beginning of round and join to begin working in the round.

Rnds 1-4: Knit in MC.
Rnds 5-76: Work the 24 rounds of slip-stitch colorwork chart three times. (72 rnds total)
Rnd 77: Work rounds 1 of chart.
Rnd 78: Work rounds 2 of chart.
Rnds 79-80: Knit in MC.
Rnd 81 (eyelet round): K4, (yo, k2tog, k8) to last 6 sts, yo, k2tog, k4.
Rnds 82-83: Knit in MC.

I-cord Bind Off

CO 3 sts using the cable cast on method at beginning of next round.

*K2, k2tog tbl. Sl the 3 sts just worked back to the left-hand needle. Pull working yarn tight before next st.* Repeat from * to * until only 3 total sts remain.

BO final three stitches.


Sew BO edge of i-cord to CO edge of i-cord. Weave in ends.

Wet block knitted portion, keeping leather dry. Leave to dry on a cylinder of appropriate size.

Weave drawstring through eyelets and knot ends as desired.


Creative Commons License contact Amy: http://www.amyklimt.comlegal info