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Acabame de decir que tu me quieres
Y vivirás eternamente en mi corazón
En mi corazón

by Zabet Stewart


Bob Ross Wannabe
Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

Finished Measurements

Approximately 20"H x 17"W; varies depending on frame.


  • 1 unfinished wooden frame, about 20"H x 17"W
  • 2 jointed, flat wooden skeletons (these came with wire loops at the top for hanging - if yours do not have loops you will need to attach a hanging device to the back of the skeletons' skulls)
  • 1 piece of foam core, in any color, cut to fit in the chosen frame
  • 1 piece of art paper in any color/design, at least as tall and wide as the foam core
  • 6' of garland
  • black, silver, gold, red, purple, green, and yellow acrylic craft paint
  • a variety of paint brushes
  • 1 8.5x11" sheet of parchment-colored paper
  • archival-quality scotch tape (cellotape)
  • 3 packets of cheap, flat backed past gems of any shape
  • hot glue gun
  • archival-quality glue
  • staple gun
  • scissors
  • scraps of fabric and beads to dress your skeletons, if desired


Paint skeletons with two coats of black paint, allowing time to dry between coats.

Decide the gender of your skeletons. Paint highlights on the bones and paint the nose hole and teeth with silver paint for female skeletons and gold paint for male skeletons.

Paint hearts on the breastbones of both skeletons using red for the heart and purple for the veins. Set both hearts on fire with red and yellow flames.

Paint flower eyes on skeletons, using silver-green petals on female skeletons and red-gold petals on male skeletons.

Dress and bejewel skeletons as desired. I made a simple vest for the male skeleton. The female skeleton has a shawl and a seed pearl necklace.

Cut decorative art paper to same height as foam core. Cut uneven strips 1-2" wide keeping them in order as if they were puzzle pieces and you wanted to recreate the paper you just cut.

Starting on the left edge of the foam core, glue the left edge strip of paper to the foam core with archival-quality glue. Glue the next strip of paper to the foam core offset 1-2" to the right. Repeat until the right edge of the foam core is reached. Even up the right edge of the last strip of paper if necessary.

Remove glass and backing. Paint frame with 2 coats of yellow paint. Allow to dry completely.

Attach cheap gems to frame with a glue gun.

Create the bond:
Cut 3 .5" wide strips from the parchment-colored paper lengthwise. Join 3 strips end-to-end with scotch tape. Write your message neatly, centered in the middle strip. I used: "Y vivirás eternamente en mi corazón" - And you will live forever in my heart. Curl the left and right ends as you would ribbon.

Place glass in frame. With the front of the frame facing away from you, attach your first skeleton. Use the staple gun to attach the skeleton's hanging loop to the top inside of the frame. Make sure the skeleton is also facing away from you. Repeat for second skeleton. Skeletons should dangle freely within the frame. Wrap one end of the bond message around the skeleton on the left, and the other around the skeleton on the right. You will have to adjust it some so that your message shows clearly. Arrange garland at the feet of the skeletons. You may need to use less than 6' of garland depending on your frame size. Last, add foam core background. Use the staple gun to secure the foam core. You're finished!



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