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Samhain 2006

art by Matt Rigdon

Letter from the Editrices

If anyone is interested in what the hell we're doing, this would be the thing to read.

Fiction: We Did the Crafts (We Did the Monster Crafts)

Monsters are free to stitch, free to bitch, too.

Project Details
Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

Hat of Horns
Woolly Wormhead isn't yet a celebrity,
but keep your eye on her, because
she's going to be.

Ghost Leaves
Boy Scout Burnout
If leaves had ghosts, this would be how you would capture them.

Miss Monster's Favors
Slash and Burn
A celebrity project from Miss Monster, the sexiest demon/pirate/werewolf acid-etcher we know.

Holy Fuck, Raellyn, What Did You Get Me Into?
Cutthroat Should Be Coming Into The River
Never, ever, ask a woodcutter to carve your pumpkins, unless she's doing it for free.

Baby's First Teratoma
Strong Intermediate
A soft and squishy toy that is sure to be your baby's best friend... until a surgeon removes it and sends it to the lab for testing.

Beaded Pendant of Blindness and Insanity
Boy Scout Dropout
My dear poppa was fond of calling out, as he passed the doorway to my room, "You'll go blind and insane!" I would reply by muttering, "That may be, Pops, but this ain't how."

Tetsujin no Purasutekku
Boy Scout Dropout
Ever think, "Gee, these tampons would look so much better ensconced in a scary robot?"

I [Heart] Zombies
More charty goodness for lovers of the brain-eating undead.

Strong Intermediate
Obscure, slightly challenging, and beautiful. The perfect hat.

Samhain Surprise: Silvanus
Strong Intermediate
Silva, the Latin word for forest, accounts for the name of this Roman deity.


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